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Divorce, Separation & Co-Parenting Support

I’m Sallyanne – a life and transition coach for women and men during and after separation and divorce; a speaker and workshop facilitator.

Divorce is messy, complicated, painful and overwhelming. I know. I’ve been there.

I help you overcome the overwhelm to get clear about what you MOST WANT and NEED, determine your NON-NEGOTIABLES and where you are willing to compromise, then outline your NEXT STEPS.

I guide you to RESET, REDEFINE, and REFRESH after divorce.

RESET who and where you are; identify what you want from life post-divorce.

REDEFINE your values, goals, hopes and dreams to create a rich life plan that you are deeply connected to.

REFRESH your life with an action plan to get you there.

Create the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE AND COURAGE to fly solo after divorce.

SPECIAL OFFER >>> Complimentary 30 minute Clarity Call – via phone or Zoom
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8.00am - 5.30pm Melbourne, Australia