Peaceful Path to Settlement by RP Emery and Associates
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Helping Couples Take The Peaceful Path To Settlement

We help separating couples document their property settlement peacefully and affordably by using our convenient financial agreement kits and legal review service.

A Financial or Separation / Divorce Agreement allows you to legally document how you would like your property to be divided in a relationship breakdown. It will keep you IN control and OUT of Court.

Financial agreements are by far the most economical option for legally documenting your property settlement. They are perfect for couples who can still communicate and wish to have the final say on the division of their assets, without involving the court.

So if you and your partner can agree on how to divide your assets, and you need a simple way to to document your arrangement, a financial agreement is the perfect choice for you.

Since 2009, thousands of couples have taken the Peaceful Path to Settlement. If you would like to learn how you can finalise your settlement for under $2000* please visit our site.

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You have to deal with the emotional fallout while working out the finances, where you’re going to live and how to take care of your children.

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