Easy Name Change

Want To Ditch His Name And Reclaim Your Former Glory? It’s Easier Than You Think!

Easy Name Change provides ready to send forms, letters and emails to get your name back in a flash! We’ve researched the name change process for over 2,500 organisations so you don’t have to! Just choose which organisations you want to update your name with and we’ll provide ready to send notifications so you can just sign and send. You can be using your former name in as little as 10 minutes!

Easy Name Change services Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.


Great news if you live in Australia, Canada or the UK. You only need your marriage and birth certificates. You don’t even need to be divorced! There’s no special lodgement or registration. Just sign and send our notifications!

If you live in the USA it’s bit more complicated. You’ll need an order restating your former name issued as part of your divorce proceedings. Otherwise you can apply to your court for a legal name change.

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