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Find Your Voice And Communicate Better In Divorce

I’ll help you communicate, co-parent and take care of yourself and your children. Coaching for couples and individuals.

  • Frame Your Mindset and an Action Plan for Proceeding.
  • Find the Right Fit Legal Professional For You.
  • Match You With A Financial Professional Who Meets Your Needs and Helps You Create a Budget.
  • Help You Locate a Therapeutic Professional, if Needed.
  • Find You a Good Fit Real Estate Professional, if Needed.
  • Create a Script for Talking to Your Children About the Divorce.
  • Calm the Chaos and Overwhelm by Walking Beside You Every Step of the Way and Giving You Practical Tools for Calm.
  • A Parent Coordinator to Guide You to Implement Neutral Communication with Your Soon-To-Be-Ex Spouse.
  • Offer You “In the Moment” Text Messaging to give Coaching Support before you take action. This Saves a lot of Headaches and Heartaches when you most need it.
  • “Stress release” tools to help you Act in Line with Your Values we establish at the beginning of our work together.

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